This toolkit is aimed at all teachers interested in exploring in detail the characteristics of learning objectives and their importance in helping to effectively communicate what the student is expected to achieve; This is the basis of any instruction and is vital for the planning of all kind of teaching strategies especially the development of critical thinking.

Participants who complete this toolkit will be able to identify the elements that affect the effectiveness of learning objectives by answering a series of reflection questions and will also be able to generate effective learning objectives for critical thinking development.

There are no pre-requisites, all teachers from all academic areas and levels can participate.

The Toolkit is self-guided, presents exercises of self-reflection and guided discovery and examples of application in the classroom.

Certificate: No certification is granted at this moment.

We hope these materials meet the professional development needs of teachers in the Americas.

What's included?

1 Quiz
2 Texts
18 PDFs
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The Inter-American Teacher Education Network (ITEN) is a project led by the Department of Human Development Education and Employment of the OAS. ITEN has created a professional network which empowers its participants to take the lead and learn from each other. One of its goals is to generate change towards the professionalization of teachers and the improvement of education in the Americas.ITEN therefore promotes innovation in the classroom for teachers to learn and adapt their teaching methodologies. ITEN’s activities provide user-friendly and attractive tools for practitioners to engage in collaborative activities in massive numbers. Technology is a cross-cutting theme in the project, used in all activities and a key strategy for delivery of project support to the target audience.

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